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We're an award winning design studio working as deftly in corporate branding as we are at producing rock posters. Get your scroll on and take a look at some of our latest work below.

‘96/20 logo

A logo we did for Manitou Media that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. The Act, signed by President Bill Clinton, represented a major change in American telecommunication law, since it was the first time that the Internet was included in broadcasting and spectrum allotment.

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Bowhead Roofing logo

Here’s a new name and a new graphic identity for Orlando-based commercial roofing company we worked on with Day Communications. These days, so many company/product names are hybrid/made-up words, but the Bowhead Whale was a perfect symbol for longevity - it can live more than 200 years, making it the longest-lived mammal. Name by Jane Harrison.

Categories: Identity, The New Stuff

Unearthed logo

Logo for Unearthed, the 2015 version of Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. We did this project for our pals at Great Big Circle and Robin Cowie.

Categories: Identity, The New Stuff

UCF Arts Brochure

A small brochure handed out at the UCF Celebrates the Arts event at the new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The piece promotes their theater and ballet programs.

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You Are Here logo

We had the pleasure of creating this logo for Snap! Orlando. You Are Here is a month-long, multi-venue event focusing on photography exhibitions but also includes workshops, lectures, parties, and portfolio reviews.

Categories: Identity, The New Stuff

2015 Florida Film Festival

The objective of the 2015 Advertising Campaign was to promote the Film Festival by highlighting this important brand attribute: Film impacts our everyday lives. The positioning line,  “Things just got interesting”  is an expression that explains how ordinary happenings can suddenly become engaging or exciting. The familiarity of the phrase also helps the audience remember the message. While the images are non-specific to any one film, the compelling collages represent familiar characters and events.

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Logo design for Beadle Fund, a new charity that raises funds for children in need through repurposed jewelry-making classes. Save the Children. Save the Planet.

Categories: Identity, The New Stuff

The Manitou

Logo for Manitou Media, a media strategy group for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, non-profits and political candidates.

Categories: Identity, The New Stuff

Orlando International Fringe Festival 2014

Simplicity in strategy and execution can often mask the complex process required to produce such targeted work. For years, the Orlando Fringe built a following on irreverent, uncensored acts. The challenge for the 2014 marketing campaign was to convey the message that the festival offers performances for people of all walks of life. The answer was a colorful and simple campaign that turned “fringers’ into the hero. Jane Harrison, of Right Creative, supplied the copywriting and worked with us on strategy. Photography was done by Kristin Wheeler.

Categories: Advertising, Identity, The New Stuff

Kennebec Landing Page

A simple web page used to promote Kennebec, a pop-up restaurant from chef Tony Adams (of Big Wheel food truck fame). Tony brought us a very nice logo to work with, so we can’t take credit for that. This page was also used to making reservations.

Categories: Advertising, Interactive, The New Stuff

Melrose Center logo

The Orange County Library System is opening an ambitious center for creativity and technology in their main branch. This logo is a visual representation of the spark of an idea. It’s layers also represent the multitude of offerings in the center.

Categories: Identity, The New Stuff
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