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We're an award winning design studio working as deftly in corporate branding as we are at producing rock posters. Get your scroll on and take a look at some of our latest work below.

Orlando International Fringe Festival 2014

Simplicity in strategy and execution can often mask the complex process required to produce such targeted work. For years, the Orlando Fringe built a following on irreverent, uncensored acts. The challenge for the 2014 marketing campaign was to convey the message that the festival offers performances for people of all walks of life. The answer was a colorful and simple campaign that turned “fringers’ into the hero. Jane Harrison, of Right Creative, supplied the copywriting and worked with us on strategy. Photography was done by Kristin Wheeler.

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Kennebec Landing Page

A simple web page used to promote Kennebec, a pop-up restaurant from chef Tony Adams (of Big Wheel food truck fame). Tony brought us a very nice logo to work with, so we can’t take credit for that. This page was also used to making reservations.

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Melrose Center logo

The Orange County Library System is opening an ambitious center for creativity and technology in their main branch. This logo is a visual representation of the spark of an idea. It’s layers also represent the multitude of offerings in the center.

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YMCA 2011 Annual Report

This year’s report is all about vision. Building on the idea the the Y spots issues that others don’t and develops solutions before most people even realize there’s a problem, our pals at Think Creative developed the concept, “We See.” The content highlights all the different ways the Y has identified challenges facing our community–from the academic achievement gap between children of different socioeconomic backgrounds to the rising rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease–and addressed them with innovative solutions and programs. This simple idea, “We See” translates to all the work the Y does in so many different areas.

We took that thought to the next level by incorporating a die-cut of the words “We See” throughout the report. Each section begins with a beautiful photograph featuring real Y members, staff and participants in Y participants (photos by Jonpaul Douglass). The “We See” page the introduces the challenges, and the eventual solutions discussed in that section.

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2011 Film Festival

2011 marks the twentieth anniversary for the Florida Film Festival. With this in mind we created a poster image that focused on squarely on Florida. The neon sign is an homage at the vintage signage of roadside motels found on the roadways of Florida from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The messaging though is all Florida Film Festival. Big thanks to our pals at Think Creative for working with on this year’s concept again and to Billy Davis who nailed this illustration.

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