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We’re well rounded here at Lure. We create advertising, too. Sure, we like design projects we can really sink our teeth into, but we know there's more to branding and marketing than creating logos and websites.

2015 Florida Film Festival

The objective of the 2015 Advertising Campaign was to promote the Film Festival by highlighting this important brand attribute: Film impacts our everyday lives. The positioning line,  “Things just got interesting”  is an expression that explains how ordinary happenings can suddenly become engaging or exciting. The familiarity of the phrase also helps the audience remember the message. While the images are non-specific to any one film, the compelling collages represent familiar characters and events.

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Orlando International Fringe Festival 2014

Simplicity in strategy and execution can often mask the complex process required to produce such targeted work. For years, the Orlando Fringe built a following on irreverent, uncensored acts. The challenge for the 2014 marketing campaign was to convey the message that the festival offers performances for people of all walks of life. The answer was a colorful and simple campaign that turned “fringers’ into the hero. Jane Harrison, of Right Creative, supplied the copywriting and worked with us on strategy. Photography was done by Kristin Wheeler.

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Kennebec Landing Page

A simple web page used to promote Kennebec, a pop-up restaurant from chef Tony Adams (of Big Wheel food truck fame). Tony brought us a very nice logo to work with, so we can’t take credit for that. This page was also used to making reservations.

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Ask A Librarian

This new website offers research and information advice from certified librarians throughout Florida. Lure Design was charged with expanding visibility and increasing awareness of the smart, time-saving online service.  The poster series will be distributed to partnering libraries, local colleges and high school campuses. Internet and radio advertising are included in Phase Two of this advertising and marketing program.

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2011 Film Festival

2011 marks the twentieth anniversary for the Florida Film Festival. With this in mind we created a poster image that focused on squarely on Florida. The neon sign is an homage at the vintage signage of roadside motels found on the roadways of Florida from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The messaging though is all Florida Film Festival. Big thanks to our pals at Think Creative for working with on this year’s concept again and to Billy Davis who nailed this illustration.

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AIGA Orlando Soundblast poster

Soundblast poster/mailer Soundblast detail Soundblast detail

Soundblast was an AIGA curated show of CD packaging. This piece was designed to look like a press sheet for a cheesy compilation pop music CD collection complete with crop marks, color bars and a client approval sticker. The track names and artists listed on this fake package work as a list of works in the show and the designers that created them.

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