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2010 YMCA of Central Florida Annual Report

A few months ago, the YMCA of Central Florida called us in to develop their 2010 Annual Report. We’ve produced this report (working side-by-side with our peeps at Think Creative) for several years in a row now, but things were a little different this year. YMCA national had just launched a new brand. The executive team wanted a piece that felt innovative and different – without blowing the budget on fancy printing techniques. And finally – and this is a challenge we face every year – we had to find a new way to tell an old story – the story of an organization that envisions, initiates and achieves things that are far ahead of its time.

This is how The Year 2025 concept was born. We said to ourselves, there are always people and organizations and ideas that are ahead of their time. But eventually, everyone catches up. And when they do, no one remembers that things were ever done differently. (Remember what it was like to not have a smart phone or an MP3 player? Neither do we.) That’s the story we decided to tell this year. A story about the future. About the day the world catches up to what the Y has been doing all along.

Finally, it would take a bold design to pull all these pieces together. So we decided to go big – bigger than any other annual report we’ve ever produced for the Y.  Then, picking the most vibrant colors from the brand color palette, we created a look that was joyful, positive and energetic. And we established a layout that would lead readers through the story in a more dynamic way. The use of fold-overs created a sense of discovery…each spread started with our vision of The Year 2025, then opened out to reveal how the Y was creating that future right now.

Of course, it would take more than words to bring the story to life. That’s where Deeb Studios came in. We’d worked Deeb on the Y’s 2010/2011 TV spot as well, so they understand the energy of the brand as well as we do. To capture that energy, John went from the newsroom at Northlake Park Community School to the playground at Lake Nona Y to a ballet recital at the Walt Disney World Family Care Centers. He even went underwater at the Dr. Phillips Y. His photos offer a beautiful and personal glimpse of the men, women and children that make up this organization, telling their story in a way that words never could.

A few hours from now, this report will find its way into the hands of everyone at the Y of Central Florida’s Annual Meeting. I can only hope they will feel the same way about it that we do: after so many years, this is the best one yet.

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